Working Bee Weekend

On the weekend of November 21-22, the Board met at the Jindabyne lodge to take on a working bee weekend to prepare the lodge for reopening on December 1. We limited this working bee to only the board, and a couple of tradesmen, to maintain the maximum number of people in the lodge, as dictated by the covid-19 restrictions.  Below are some pictures of the work done, which included:

  • Dismantling and removal of the 15 old bunk beds throughout the lodge
  • Assembly of the 15 new bunk beds throughout the lodge
  • Construction of a bulkhead in the kitchen and installation of 2 new range hoods to the bulkhead
  • Installation of hand sanitiser stations at strategic points throughout the lodge
  • Installation of Covid-19 signage throughout the lodge
  • Removal and vacuum-packed storage of all bedding from the lodge (pillow,pillowcases, mattress protectors, blankets, tea towels, etc.)
  • Removal of the table tennis facilities from the downstairs room
  • Removal and storage of all games, etc. throughout the lodge
  • Sealing off of ‘out of bounds’ areas of the lodge (basically everything downstairs except the entrance and pathway to the stairs.


Phill & Graham installing sanitiser stations                                              Graham, Matt & Juha installing bulkhead



Exhaust fans installed, awaiting painting                                                    Bunk Room beds dismantled



Delivery of the new bunk beds                                                    Application of gentle persuasion to new bunk beds



Alan, Juha, Jason, Phill & Graham                                                  The ‘new’ Bunk Room (in use for this weekend only)



Jan vacuum-packing the bedding items                                                    Sometimes Julie found the bedding put up a fight



Bedding stored in the Drying Room                                                                                 Chris & Mark repainting the entry door



Cooma Mens’ Shed took the old beds.  Karen & Peter organised this donation rather than sending it to the tip


All the old games and toys have also been packed away and stored


How the bunks look in a bedroom