Club Membership

Membership Information

“A”, “B” and “C” Lodge Members

The Club is a registered public company, the shareholders being those members who have taken out a lodge membership ie, “A”, “B”or “C” members.  This entitles them to vote at the Annual General and other club meetings, where opinions for constructive suggestions and criticism are sought to improve our club. Lodge memberships for “A”, “B” and “C” members are usually purchased from existing members wishing to exit, and are at an agreed price between the parties.

“A” members are members of the Jindabyne lodge.  “C” members are members of the Mt Hotham lodge. “B” members are members of both lodges. All members may stay at either lodge but there limitations on when they can book accommodation at the lodges. Please refer to the Booking Rules for clarification of these limitations.

New member must complete an application form and submit it to the Secretary. The membership w ill not be approved until there are no outstanding debts to the club on the membership being sold .

Immediate sons and/or daughters have the same booking rights as the Lodge Member as do immediate grandsons and/or granddaughters, parents, and grandparents. They are referred to as Eligible Family Members and are charged accommodation at member rates.

Once purchased, Lodge members pay an annual subscription fee due on January 1 each year. The amount is set by the Board, and may vary from year to year. Members receive an annual invoice, usually in late December. If you fail to pay your yearly membership subscription by the time prescribed on the Subscription Renewal invoice, your membership lapses, and you will not be able to book accommodation. While annual subscriptions must be paid by the end of Ma4rch each year, there is a discount for payment of fees before the end of January.

If you wish to become a Lodge member, please contact the Membership Director, who will enter you on a “wait list”. When a membership becomes available for sale, the Membership Director will advise all those on the wait list.

Ordinary Memberships

As an  “O” member you are entitled to substantially reduced accommodation charges compared to non-members. You are not eligible to vote at club meetings, but we would still welcome your opinion or constructive suggestions at those meetings.

If you wish to become an ordinary (“O”) member, please complete the application form, and return it to the Membership Director. The Membership Director will consider your application and advise you if you are successful. This is necessary, as there are limits to the number of ordinary memberships that are available under the club’s administrative laws. If successful, you will then be added to the database and receive an invoice for a one-off joining fee (currently $35), and an annual subscription fee (currently $80).

Children – Definition

For tariff purposes, a “child” is defined as being below school age, or attending primary or secondary school. Children 4 years and under are free.


Newsletters are issued periodically, with notification of the next meeting of the Club. Meetings are generally held at the  St. George Leagues Club in the evenings.

Reasons For Joining The Club

  • The club is co-operative non-profit venture, where any excess revenue raised is used for the benefit of the members, usually through improved club facilities and maintaining low accommodation rates.
  • As a lodge member you will have equal voice in the aims and objectives of the club.
  • As a lodge member you will have an initial preferential booking  during the snow season.
  • You will have booking rights at both lodges. This gives you the opportunity to access different ski fields and pay only one set of fees, a feature not many other clubs have.
  • Almost unlimited opportunity for accommodation in either lodge outside of the ski season.
  • Your equity can be passed onto your children.

Lodge Membership Issues

  • Your equity is protected by the fact that the club is a registered company whose elected directors are themselves members bound by ASIC.
  • If you wish to resign your membership at any time, you are at liberty to sell it, provided that any monies owing to the club are paid, and the prospective buyer is acceptable to the club.
  • If you wish to see prior years’ accounts, this can be arranged through the Membership Director.
  • The club has set a limit on the number of lodge and ordinary members, to hold a balance between the availability of the bookings, and the ability to meet costs. If the quota of lodge members is filled, the “ordinary” membership serves as a waiting list.