Mt Hotham Lodge Stay Info

Most Important: Make sure you have a front door code before you leave home!

What You Need to Bring

Pillows and ample blankets are supplied in the lodge. You will need to bring your own bed linen, pillow slips, towels and provide for all food and drink.

The lodges have fully equipped kitchens complete with crockery, eating and cooking utensils, microwave ovens, stovetops, fridge/freezers and food storage cupboards.  There are also cleaning materials.

Hotham village has a retail outlet. Most guests tend to bring some food with them and obtain the regular perishables from the outlet. There are also restaurants in the village together with fully equipped ski hire outlets.


The lodge is often empty during the day, so the main access door is security coded (ie, no key is required).

Lodge members, ordinary members and non-members are issued with the code by the Booking Officer.

Each bedroom has a hasp and staple for which you will need your own padlock if you wish to lock your room.

Location & How to Get There

The Lodge is located at Lawler’s Apartments No.21, Hotham Heights, Victoria, 3741.

From Harrietville, drive into Hotham Heights, past Zirky’s and White Crystal on the left, and turn right into the far end of the day carpark near the Medical Centre. You can park here during the day, or for short periods at night during winter.

Lawlers Apartments are on the hill above and behind the Medical Centre. No. 21 is in the block behind the Last Run Bar.

It is advisable to drive the road from Harrietville to Mt Hotham during the day only. The road is sealed all the way, but snow on the road can make visibility difficult at night.

Your vehicle should be adequately prepared for alpine winter conditions when visiting the area in winter. Special snow chains must be carried in winter and fitted to the vehicle when directed. Ensure anti-freeze is added to the radiator coolant in the correct proportion for Australian Alps. Make sure your battery is in good condition.

Snow chains can be hired at Harrietville.

Upon Arrival

If the Lodge is unoccupied, you may have to turn on the electricity at the switchboard in the hallway.

Fill out the register which is located near the front door.

Advise the Lodge Captain of your arrival, present your booking receipt and suitable ID then introduce your companions to him/her.

An over-snow transport service is available for assistance with unloading your vehicle, for a fee. Ring the Lodge Manager (numbers below) on arrival in the carpark to arrange over-snow transport.

The resort entrance and parking must be paid promptly to avoid a fine. The fees can be paid by credit card in the carpark, please look for the attendant. You will need to move your vehicle to the Overnight Parking areas after fee payment and unloading. There is no free parking for persons aged 65 years and over.

Skis, stocks and snowboards may be stored in the entry foyer. Skiing and boarding equipment is not permitted in any other part of the Lodge.

Your Room

Your booking confirmation nominates your room. Please bring your booking receipt as proof of your booking.

The rooms do not have a door key but do have provision for a padlock if you bring a small lock with you.

Each room has an en suite bathroom and beds with pillows, blankets and mattress protectors (which must be used) and its own heater.

Cleaning materials (including rubber gloves) are provided in every room, with replacements located in the stores cupboard.

Eating is not permitted in the bedrooms and smoking is not permitted in the Lodge.

Things Provided in Common Areas

  • Fully equipped kitchen with microwave ovens, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, fry pans, saucepans, tea towels, detergents, cloths, utensils, crockery, garbage bags, foil and clingwrap.
  • Dining room and lounge room.
  • Heating.
  • Drying room.
  • Laundry has washing machine and dryer (laundry detergent is not provided).
  • Vacuum cleaners.
  • Payphone (20c and 10c coins only).
  • Shovels to dig your cars out of the snow – please ensure you bring them back!
  • A “left-overs” cupboard is for all to use, but ensure you do not leave perishable items.

Things not Provided

  • Bed linen (sheets and pillow slips) and towels and your own laundry detergent.
  • Food.
  • You may wish to bring a torch just in case of a blackout, or if you need to walk outside when it is dark.

Village Facilities

General store, mini-market, ski equipment hire and repair, ski clothing shops, restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

“It’s a Small World” for whole day children’s programs.

Ski School for downhill, Nordic and snowboarding.

Duty Roster

A duty roster is located on the inside of each bedroom door and the Noticeboard.

Consideration for Other Patrons

All common areas are available for all patrons, and need to be left tidy and clean after use.

All patrons should be sensitive to the needs of others.

Keep noise to a minimum, particularly at night and early in the morning

Non-paying guests may visit you in the common areas, but are not permitted to stay overnight. Patrons are responsible for the behaviour of their guests (including paying for any damage they may cause).

Lodge Captain

He/she represents the Club’s management. If you require assistance or advice, or you would like to make a suggestion or complaint, please see him/her. Remember that he/she is also on holidays like you.

The Lodge Captain (after notifying the Accommodation Director of the Club) is empowered to take any necessary action to ensure the proper running of the Lodge.

Lodge Manager

On-site management is contracted to Mt Hotham Accommodation who can be contacted on  (03) 5759 3522. Contact them if you have any problems such as damage to the Lodge, breakdown of equipment etc. The Manager will also arrange to open up and shut down. (The postal address for the Manager is RMB 1001, Mt Hotham, Victoria, 3741)

If you have matters that cannot be dealt with by the Lodge Captain or the Lodge Manager, some other Club people to contact include the Booking Officer, Karen Johnson 02 4261 9191.

Before Departure

  • Advise the Lodge Captain if you are departing early.
  • Clean, vacuum and tidy your room and en suite, and the spaces you used in the refrigerator, freezers and kitchen cupboards etc.
  • Fill out the Register.
  • If you are the last out of the Lodge, ensure all internal bins are emptied
  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked (this is also important during your stay!) and return any shovels.