About Us

Club Overview

St George Alpine Club Limited own and operate two lodges.

One called “Gundaroo”, is located at Lot 2 Barry Way in Jindabyne, and is a freehold property.  The other is located in the snow at Unit 21, Lawlers Apartments in Mt Hotham, and is a leasehold property.

The club was formed in the late 1970’s as an independent ski club under the umbrella of the St George Leagues Club in Kogarah. The ski club recognised the value of owning alpine accommodation to defray the increasing costs of the sport.

The club then built the Gundaroo Lodge near the shores of Lake Jindabyne, and now owns the facility outright, and maintains it in excellent condition.

Due to the success of the Jindabyne operation, the club looked to expanding its activities and considered  “in snow” accommodation. In the mid 80’s the club purchased the facility in Lawler’s Apartments at Mt Hotham where you can ski to the door of the apartment.

Club Structure

There are basically two classes of membership, ”Lodge” members and “Ordinary” members:

Lodge Members

“Lodge” members are required to purchase equity in the club and pay an annual membership subscription. They also have voting rights in the club and receive special accommodation rates at the lodges.

Lodge members are further designated as follows:

  • A Members – members who have equity in the Jindabyne Lodge
  • B Members – members who have equity in both lodges
  • C Members – members who have equity in the Mt Hotham Lodge.

Equity in a particular lodge means the member gets an initial preferential booking for that lodge during the ski season.  Other than that all members have equal access to both lodges.

Ordinary Members

“Ordinary“ members pay a lesser annual membership subscription and have no voting rights in the club. They receive accommodation rates at the lodges at a lesser amount than visitors (non-members).

Lodge Management

A lodge captain is normally allocated for the week during the season, and he/she will help you in any way they can – but remember, they are also a lodge member on holidays.

Members and Guests are requested to share daily duties that are rostered on a room by room basis. These tasks are simple (e.g. vacuum the hallway), take little time and mean that the common areas of the lodge are kept presentable for everyone’s enjoyment.  Upon completion of your stay, it is expected that you leave your room clean and tidy.

As a consideration to other guests, it is asked that common areas be left tidy after use, the “no smoking” rules are observed, there is no eating in the bedrooms, and noise is kept to a reasonable level, particularly late at night and early in the morning.

Non-paying guests may visit you in the common areas but are not permitted to stay overnight.

Current Board Members

President – Keith Monaghan

Secretary – Graham Grigg

Treasurer – Chris Boseley

Board Members – Juha Sillan, Robert Philp, Matt Boseley, Graeme Beilby, Sally Garner