Jindabyne Lodge Stay Info

Most Important: Make sure you have a front door code before you leave home!

What You Need to Bring

Pillows and ample blankets are supplied in the lodge. You will need to bring your own bed linen, pillow slips, towels and provide for all food and drink.

The lodge has fully equipped kitchens complete with crockery, eating and cooking utensils, wall ovens, microwave ovens, stovetops, fridge/freezers and food storage cupboards.  There are also cleaning materials and tea towels, cling wrap and foil.

Jindabyne shops are a 3-minute drive away, and have a wide range of goods including ski hire outlets.


The lodge is often empty during the day, so the main access door is security keyed.

Lodge members are issued code for each visit, but ordinary members and visitors need to obtain one from the booking officer the week prior to going to the lodge.

At Jindabyne each bedroom has its own key, which you leave in the lock at the end of your stay.

Location & How to Get There

The Lodge is located at 4 Barry Way, Jindabyne NSW 2627.

If you are driving from Cooma, continue along the main highway into the Jindabyne township and drive past Jindabyne Shopping Centre (on the left), proceed straight through the first roundabout at Nugget’s Crossing shops and turn left at the next (larger) roundabout into the Barry Way. The lodge is the second building on the left as you drive up the hill.

Telephone: The phone has been disconnected

Upon Arrival

  • Park in a designated car space at the front or side of the lodge.
  • Use your lodge key to enter through the ground floor door at the front of the lodge.
  • If the Lodge is unoccupied, you may have to turn on the electricity (the switchboard is in the games room downstairs) and the water (the stopcock is at the base of the external stairs).
  • Fill out the register which is located near the front door.
  • Advise the Lodge Captain of your arrival, present your booking receipt and suitable ID, then introduce your companions to him/her with their IDs.
  • Skis, stocks and snowboards may be stored in the ski store on the ground floor (boots in the drying room). Access is via the laundry door at the side of the building. Skiing and boarding equipment is not permitted in any other part of the Lodge.

Your Bedroom

  • Your booking confirmation nominates your room. Rooms 1 – 6 are located on the top level and rooms 7, 8 (Family room) and 9 (the Bunkroom – 8 bunks, shared accommodation, male and female) are on the ground floor.
  • All rooms, except the Bunkroom, have a door key for your private use. It should be located in the door lock on your arrival, and should be left there at the end of your stay.
  • Each room has an en suite bathroom and beds with pillows, blankets and mattress protectors (which must be used) and its own heater.
  • Cleaning materials (including rubber gloves) are provided in every room, with replacements located in the stores cupboard next to the kitchen.
  • Eating is not permitted in the bedrooms and smoking is not permitted in the Lodge.

Things Provided in Common Areas

  • Fully equipped kitchens (2) with wall ovens, microwave ovens, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, fry pans, saucepans, tea towels, detergents, cloths, utensils, crockery, garbage bags, foil and clingwrap.
  • Dining room and lounge room (upstairs) with radio to hear the snow and road reports.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Kitchens have allocated areas for each bedroom in fridges, freezers and cupboards.
  • Games room (ground floor) with table tennis table (if you run out of table tennis balls, they can generally be purchased from Rebel Sport in Jindabyne).
  • Drying room (ground floor) has an automatic timing mechanism.
  • Laundry has washing machine, dryer (laundry detergent is provided), mops, buckets and a spare toilet.
  • Vacuum cleaners (1 upstairs in the stores cupboard and 1 downstairs)
  • Games, books, magazines, jigsaw puzzles.
  • A “left-overs” cupboard is for all to use, but ensure you do not leave perishable items.

Things Not Provided

  • Bed linen (byo sheets and pillow slips) and towels.
  • Food.
  • There is no TV, and very poor reception. Some guests choose to bring a computer to watch movies etc. If you do this, be mindful that other guests may be affected by the noise, or may want to watch the movie with you.
  • You may wish to bring a torch just in case of a blackout, or if you need to walk outside when it is dark.

Duty Roster

A duty roster is located on the inside of each bedroom door and the Noticeboard near the kitchen. Please co-operate by doing the daily “chores” allocated to you. Garbage bins need to be put out on certain nights for collection (check the Noticeboard). It is preferable to totally fill one garbage at a time to minimize collection costs.

Consideration for Other Patrons

All common areas are available for all patrons, and all patrons should be sensitive to the needs of others.

Keep noise to a minimum, particularly at night and early in the morning (not everyone wants to get up at 5am and get to the first lift of the day!). If you have been out partying at the local clubs or hotels, and you are coming home very late, please be aware that any sound made at late hours will carry throughout the entire lodge, especially if using kitchen appliances.

Non-paying guests may visit you in the common areas, but are not permitted to stay overnight. Patrons are responsible for the behaviour of their guests (including paying for any damage they may cause).

Lodge Captain

He/she represents the Club’s management. If you require assistance or advice, or you would like to make a suggestion or complaint, please see him/her. Remember that he/she is also on holidays like you.

He/she should also have a master key to open your bedroom door should you accidentally lock yourself out. (Be particularly careful in the mornings as the Lodge Captain may have already left the Lodge for the day when you realize you are locked out! If this happens, the Lodge Manager will need to be called.)

The Lodge Captain (after notifying the Accommodation Director of the Club) is empowered to take any necessary action to ensure the proper running of the Lodge.

Lodge Manager

On-site management is contracted to Shane Stewart, who is located in Berridale.

His telephone number is 0432 326 171. Contact Shane if you have any problems such as damage to the lodge, breakdown of equipment, lost keys etc.

If you have matters that cannot be dealt with by the Lodge Captain or the Lodge Manager, other Club people to contact include the Booking Officer, Karen Johnson on (02) 4261 9191.

Before Departure

  • Advise the Lodge Captain if you are departing early.
  • Clean, vacuum and tidy your room and en suite, and the spaces you used in the refrigerator, freezers and kitchen cupboards etc.
  • Fill out the Register next to the front door and leave the room key in the door lock.
  • If you are the last out of the Lodge, ensure all internal bins are emptied.
  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked (this is also important during your stay!).